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Booking service:

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+7 (49231) 2 17 63 Restaurant "Trapeznaya"

Restaurant Trapeznaya

There are still eateries in Suzdal which bring to mind classic Russian novels, where, as Steve Oblonsky had it,
just the appetizer table is filled with “six varieties of vodka, the same number of cheese varieties, with the silver
serving knives and without them, caviars, herrings…and platters with slices of French bread”.

For a Russian feast, restaurants of hotel Kremlyovsky offer a unique combination of Russian specialties
and high quality farm produce.

  • Restaurant Trapeznaya

Our menu contains 300 years old recipes. Eat heartily as Russians do!

The restaurant makes it a point to preserve the best traditions of genuine Russian- Suzdalian cuisine.


Center of Suzdal, in 300 m
of the Suzdal Kremlin.

Generous portions, each dish is uniquely decorated.

The interior of the restaurant is designed in old Russian traditions, and the menu attracts with a variety of old and traditional recipes of the Russian cuisine. A special place on the menu belongs to the game dishes – wild hog, pheasant, and quail.

The best way to describe our food with two words: is very delicious!

  • The renovated restaurant


Banquet dishes

A large number of dishes in a banquet style for special occasions
that you can try only here:

  • Whole sterlet a la Tsar stuffed with porcini mushrooms stewed in white wine sauce;
  • Whole baked sturgeon;
  • Whole stuffed imperial pike with horseradish sauce;
  • Whole baked roaster with various fillings;
  • Farm-raised quail, grilled or stuffed;
  • Whole baked wild pheasant stuffed with fruit;
  • Whole baked farm-raised duck with various fillings;
  • Farm raised goose Suzdal-style with apples;
  • Whole baked farm-raised stuffed turkey served with orange and redberry mousse;
  • Old Suzdal recipe monasterial mead (medovukha) made with buckwheat honey from our own apiary!

Restaurant Trapeznaya Hours:
from 12 pm to 12 am daily, weekdays and weekends.

Restaurant Trapeznaya in Suzdal

Garden area with gazebos for picnics and cookouts

In warmer months, you can have picnics or cookouts in the pavilions on the hotel grounds. You can relax and enjoy the smoke from the grill and the twittering of the birds. You can either order takeout from the restaurant Trapeznaya or order all the necessary items for the barbeque.

Cook by yourself or invite a chef from our restaurant who will cook for you as you watch!

Restaurant Trapeznaya in Suzdal

Traditional Russian cuisine master cooking classes!

The main menu of the restaurant Trapeznaya:

  • Cold appetizers
  • Hot appetizers
  • First courses
  • Main entrees
  • Desserts
  • Restaurant’s specialties in banquet presentation

Russian style breakfast is served daily from 8:30 am to 11:30 am

A variety of dishes to choose from is presented at our morning feast:

  • Airy pastries;
  • Fluffy Russian pancakes served with sour cream;
  • A variety of jams;
  • Hot dishes;
  • Freshly squeezed juice;
  • Fragrant espresso or freshly brewed tea.

Try traditional Russian cuisine dishes or gourmet cooking variations, inspired by the rich culinary heritage of our country. You can appreciate them all in the restaurant of hotel Kremlyovsky.

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