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+7 (49231) 2 34 80


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Suzdal, ul. Tolstogo, 5


Booking service:

+7 (49231) 2 34 80

+7 (49231) 2 17 63 Restaurant "Trapeznaya"

Holidays and events
of the hotel in Suzdal

Suzdal is a town of festivals and events. When it comes to organizing your special event, hotel “Kremlyovsky” takes the responsibility to make it unique, unforgettable, spectacular and refined at the same time. We will amaze you with our time-tested approach to service, the culinary mastery of our team of chefs and the experience of our banquet consultants. We make our guests’ needs and wishes our top priority. We are always ready to do whatever it takes to make your special event a spectacular celebration.

Банкетные блюда с доставкой по г. Суздаль!

Гуси, уточки, фазаны, перепела, стерлядочки, щука по-царски! Нашему меню 300 лет!
Удивительное сочетание русского колорита с качественными фермерскими продуктами.
Контактный телефон: +7 (910) 170 50 50

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Hotel Kremlyovsky

601293, Vladimirskaya oblast,
Suzdal, ul. Tolstogo, 5

Booking service:

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+7 (910) 170-50-50


Restaurant Trapeznaya


+7 (49231) 2-17-63

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+7 (910) 170 50 50

Call: +7 (49231) 2 34 80